“A whole new door knob”, but is it the way to run a business?


Ever come across a divorcee who’s next sweetheart looked just like their ex spouse?

Ever heard all about someones sweeping new improvements, only to find the walls have been the only thing to receive a splash of colour?

An old episode of the fabulous Open All Hours, made me think. Arkwright got a glazier in to improve his shop frontage, but at the last minute he reverted to his penny pinching, old behaviour, saying “Nuh, nuh, knobs to the lot of yeh!”

Arkwright liked being stuck in his world. He did not want change and revelled in his peculiar thriftiness. He believed in being as mean as he could get away with, even with his own nephew. Arkwright was all about not letting go for fear of losing out. He had his regular customers and did not have to compete with out of town supermarkets. He was in a bubble and liked it that way.

We all know life isn’t really like that if we want to move forward. We have to give something to get something better. If we are in business we must show we are valuable enough as a business to be chosen over someone else’s and that we are a good fit worth paying for by the right customers.

I remember the ham slicer in the grocery shop and the till that looked like Arkwright’s savage cash register. It was as mean as Arkwright and did not like being open to the very thing that allowed it’s existence – money.

The only thing that redeemed Arkwright as a human being was his skewed sense of humour and somehow the innate communication of decency under that gruff exterior. Nurse Gladys Emmanuel must have seen something good in him, but even she kept him at arms length. He gave little, she gave little and round and round they went living across the road from each other forever. So near and yet so far. Sounds about right and yet they bumbled along with the right level of tickle and slap which brings back lots of nostalgic memories about British society and humour in days gone by.

Patently not the way to run a profitable business or a modern relationship. Arkwright was content to chisel his way through his shop. He always seemed to have a not so special, special offer.

Have you been repeating things that just don’t work? A new door knob won’t change the business the door opens, so what do you need to do next? What are you resisting, what’s your good reason?


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