Abundance and jaffa cakes, coaching by Statuam


It’s very trendy these days to say we shun money, but what has money ever done to you? Has it paid for things you need? You bet, unless a person has a particularly lucky streak from birth to death, they need money – and a lot of it. Why the shame?

Abundance can be seen in many ways. More jaffa cakes than I can shake a stick at would make me very happy – and fat. Lots of friends to share the jaffa cakes with would be great. Owning a jaffa cake factory would be awesome!

Money can be used for good, so if you have a lot of it and want to share it, or help others have the same, what’s the harm?

I want you to be rich, get it! Really, really rich!

Before we get all Mother Earth about money remember the currency of nature. A bee who can’t make honey doesn’t have a happy or long life, unless it’s a queen bee. Natural history buffs please correct me if this is incorrect.

Are you holding back on abundance because you don’t believe you are worthy? You so need my coaching!

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