An Ancient story about fear, priorities and reality

In olden days villages would choose a god to look after them, but one village was without a god. While they were making up their minds two gods decided they would like to be their guardian. This wasn’t allowed because the rules stated only one god could officially do this per village.

The people were in great need of many things, but they were in such dread of offending a god they could not choose between them. The gods had a little competition between them to see which could give the best gift to the village in order to be its god. The people really didn’t want this either, but dared not interrupt.

The first god to give a gift was Neptune, god of the sea. Neptune created a beautiful mountain spring. The villagers were delighted, until they tasted the salt water. Minerva gave them an olive tree. It would help them in so many ways: shelter, food, light from the oil, to name just a few. They were still too scared to say which gift delighted them more, in case they were destroyed.

When Neptune saw what Minerva had done he roared with laughter, proclaiming her the winner. The villagers had no need to fear and they flourished.

“Okay, coach, what’s your point?”

If you need something and do not seek it out, there is a danger of being given something you neither want or need. Why leave everything to someone else, hoping or expecting to be rescued when you have it within your own capabilities to achieve more than you have now? Who told you to hold back? Were they right? Whose feet are wearing your shoes right now?

If you need something from a relationship, whether personal or professional, but you have not asked, there may be some very good reasons,but are they good enough?

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