Armchair Champions

image Some people like to share in the success of a favourite sports personality or team. When they win it can feel a bit like we do too. We smile and cheer, our adrenalin increases for the final push, but we are only the audience, even if we cannot share the same arena in person.

I am not ashamed to admit to standing on the sofa on my own singing and cheering my team, while my dear husband was completely detached from events miles away from both of us. It reminds me of the horror on the faces of some very upper middle class ladies on hearing my toned down enthusiasm for a tennis match we were all keen to see. One simply doesn’t exclaim! I have mixed with all sorts of people 😉

Some of us take the development of others careers very seriously, right from the first identifiable spark of talent. We watch for the growing skill, the improved rankings, the move up through the divisions anticipating their world class finish. Seeing our home grown talent rise and succeed is part of our tribal identity, our humanness. It’s as easy as flicking a switch.

What is it then, which prevents us from supporting our own individual success with such unabashed ardour, ladies who lunch, not withstanding?

We are keen to hit the targets others set, but what are we doing to help make it easier to achieve? Do we set ourselves enough personal goals based on being on our own team and getting properly involved? What reason do you have for putting yourself on the proverbial bench watching others succeed in ways you have only hitherto dreamed?

Want to get off the bench, or the sofa?

Statuam … coaching at your speed … Let’s see where it takes us!


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