Be Your Own Genie, Ask Me How!


What would you wish for if you had a magic lantern?

Aladdin – the story of a poor young man, ducking and diving to get by, meeting his true love, given three wishes by a genie and the means of securing a great future as Sultan. So why, when it was all about to happen for him was he so sad about his success? He had trusted friends, a magic carpet and everything he could want, except one thing, inner belief in himself, despite his cheeky charm.

Aladdin did not believe he ‘was’ enough because he did not start out with everything that would make him feel equal to his new situation. He had not envisioned being in the palace when looking at it from the floor of the slum, which was his home. If he had, there would probably also be a mental image of being chased by guards as he made his escape with a bag full of swag, although he really wasn’t a hardened criminal just yet.

When he got there for real, Aladdin did not believe he had a true right to be there, although he had shown qualities of perseverance, athleticism, charm, bravery, innocence, inventiveness, ingenuity and compassion. His wardrobe and entourage had been provided by a genie, the trappings of a prince adopted, no stroke of midnight would make these disappear, but dealing with what he believed his truth was, he thought it would, some how – he had learned a negative mindset.

Aladdin, the male version of Cinderella,was street smart and handsome, but unprepared for his new life. He felt like he was lying, acting and would be found out. His enemy cared more for the effect he was having than his lineage. No doubt, it would have been used effectively against Aladdin, if he had not been authentic when it mattered most.

Not many of us get to visit a castle, except as tourists, but there Aladdin was, not only present, but being listened to by the most powerful people in the kingdom. He became an influencer in their lives and won the hand of his beloved and a kingdom to go with it. Yes, Aladdin lied along the way because of fear, but ultimately his acceptance of his reality shifted his mindset.

When one suddenly gets attention, or good fortune being given, it can be overwhelming. It can be scary too. Have they got the right person? What if they find out x, y and z about you, what then? Did you walk away or nobble your own success because you believed failure was inevitable – that your truth was too ugly? Or, did you enjoy it and use the experience as fuel for the next success?

Would you dare enjoy it if no one was looking? What would it feel like to no longer have that nagging feeling of doubt spoiling your fun, so instead you can really step into that fabulous feeling, guilt free, or is it only sociopaths who get to do this? If, like me you think you could do with a slice of feel good, you are already on the way, let’s talk about the ‘how’.

Statuam …Coaching at your speed … let’s see where it takes us!

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