Can you wrangle your dragon? Statuam Coaching


Can you wrangle your dragon,
Or does your dragon drag you down?
Are you wearing a tiara while your dragon wears the crown?
Does it fly you places, or run about the town?
Can you wrangle your dragon,
Or does your dragon drag you down?
How well do your shoes fit,
Or has the dragon got them all?
Are you teetering on the brink
While your dragon’s walking tall?
When you get your shoes back
Do they fit you at all?
Can you wrangle your dragon
All the way to the mall?

What happens when you get there?
Does your dragon wear your jeans?
Does it high five the cashier
As it stocks up on the beans?
Can you get it to the changing room
Before anyone else sees
That your dragon has brought you right down
To your ever loving knees?
Can you wrangle your dragon
Or does your dragon get you down
Is it blowing smoke up you chimney
While you’re still rushing ’round?
Can you train it to behave itself
And jump straight to the sky?
What are you doing to train your dragon right?
Perhaps it wants to fly!

I wrote this little bit of fun for my young daughter, just something a mum does, but this poem is also about relationships, goals, and who’s in charge. These issues are central to coaching success for you.

Contact me if you want to achieve something concrete in the near future, and we’ll make a plan.

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