Careful with that holly!


There are many calls on our resources, some of these are essential bills, but the hope of a glowing Christmas can make some of us blur our gaze on the commitments which inevitably follow. Before we know it the season to be jolly is replaced by an uncomfortably placed sprig of holly in a January full of resolutions.

Many of us try at these bit or a lot, then realise we have to start over trying, while some shelve the self promises because they have other people to focus on. Whether the people being used as their focus consent to being used as an exclusive excuse for other peoples avoidance of improvement is another matter. If they were really the excuse there would be mass house and garden make overs executed in guerrilla fashion in every street in the country.

Imagine someone saying to you, “I love you so much that I won’t help myself.” Not the nicest thing to believe, so why do it to others, even if the words aren’t spoken?

When people do this not many think about what the giver of such attention is missing out on, why should we when we’re getting exactly what we want? So, this Christmas and in the New Year how about giving something to yourself and later sharing it with others, perhaps it will only be time. I never hear a grown up complaining that they had too much quality time with their parents as a child. So, before you get too busy with picture perfect Christmases and wrapping think about what you are really giving and really allowing yourself to receive. Have a wonderful Christmas. xx

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