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What is Statuam About?

Having always been involved in helping individuals and businesses improve their standards, initially by turning sales experience into a performance and time management consultancy, I was dissatisfied.  After examining the on-site consultancy relationship with busy firms trying to get the best out of their staff, it didn’t take long to see something I had witnessed before when my job was similar to theirs – disenchantment, struggle and stress.

Recollecting previous sales colleagues and sales training experience and noticing those who did not have the light of sales in their eyes, but had to hit targets anyway, fast forwarding to other firms with staff in exactly the same situation, I realised that there was more to do than prepare reports and give suggestions.

Training as a coach helped me understand the role I wanted was far more valuable and useful.  Yes, there is a place for training and consultancy, but I wanted more!

Have you, however informally, helped someone to learn something?  I do not mean teach, I mean help them to realize they can learn something and give them some basic tools to do it?

Years ago I helped people informally and semi formally to learn and learnt a lot from what happened in the process.  The most wonderful feeling of knowing that giving someone, irrespective of age or position, the belief that they had a right to learn and a right to enjoy doing so, has been one of the most rewarding things in my life.

I too know from intimate experience what it’s like to feel at sea, overwhelmed and embarrassed, like I should be better at something.  It happens to most of us and it’s all right!  Yes, it is!  I also know what being in the wrong job feels like.  It’s shit.  You can try to make the best of it, but if you hate it and don’t want to be there, the only reason you’re doing it is what?  The money?  The security?  You’re expected to do it?

Translate those negative feelings and self-limiting beliefs to an adult in a job they are doing because someone, somewhere along the line gave them the belief that this was what they were supposed to do.

Is this you?

Statuam Coaching isn’t training, consultancy, psychotherapy, counseling, or mentoring, it’s about helping people based in reality, with the will to do it to achieve their goals.  Yes, I have an interest in peoples’ lives, but in the coaching context I am not there to just have a chat, push you into something or wag my finger at you.  I am there to get you to your stated destination. Unlike a chauffeur already knowing the route, it is about you understanding the implications for yourself as the client, not just whizzing down the motorway as efficiently as possible, conveyed to your destination, but not really paying attention.  Isn’t that what gets us in to a mess in the first place?

Goal setting gives you the opportunity to feel positive about the journey, ensuring you have all you need to get you there, in a way which makes sense and is of sufficient value to you.  How’s that glint in your eye these days?