Change – Resistance. Obstacle or Perspective?

imageWhether it’s change management, or any other situation, those who resist change are usually seen as obstacles, even part of the ‘problem’, but is this fair?

Could those being resistant (who are nearly always in the minority), be actually adding value? Going along with the crowd is great if everything works out, but most people will remember stories, if not experiences where holding back would have been a good idea.

Depending on the person being the obstacle they must be able to envision a strong benefit to them or their organisation in embracing change instead of resisting it.

There are the unofficial bosses, who, through charisma and experience influence team efforts in a way their managers wish they themselves could, so what do they do to make it better? Fighting with Messieurs Popular, may ensure everyone knows whose name is in the position of organisational power, but enforcing it won’t make it run smoothly or make allies. Quite the opposite. Communicating by showing benefits to them directly from the change is what will get everyone on side, as long as it is relevant and meaningful.

The preferred method for getting there these days is surveys, I will leave this to the experts, it’s too big a subject.

Creating a shared perception will enable newly empower individuals to initiate required changes from within.

Rounding up people not directly involved to create pressure for a short campaign of organisational pressure is likely to fail. They are not invested or affected, don’t do it.

The power to alienate, bore or subvert change is actually in your own hands, but change starts with you. Your understanding of group dynamics, or influencers (yes, it sounds Machiavellian) is essential for bringing everyone with you with the change you are targeting.

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