Clear Coaching from Statuam

How do you measure success? When you go to a coach you have a few things to think about regarding your expectations. Firstly, you are allowed to have expectations of your coach, not just yourself. Coaches do not have all the answers and do not know more than you about your life, so we ask you things.

We discuss aspects which may not seem initially apparent or even important in your situation. These things can be missed, but may be relevant to your goal.

Down the line, when you are involved in the coaching process after agreeing what your aims are and ensuring we have your agreement to assist you enroute, we will find it necessary to check we are on the right track more than once. This isn’t done without discussing how to measure whether you are getting results during the intermediate stages and not just at the end. If we don’t check there is a danger of you going off piste, so to speak. This will be a mutual thing, your input is essential to help us can stick to the purpose of each of your coaching sessions. It is essential that you believe you are moving towards your goal a bit more every session. As charming as we are, we are here to get you where you want to be.

Coaches are human and not just here to tick boxes and get standard answers. Sometimes we may ask surprising and thought provoking questions which make you have to really consider what you mean before speaking. No one will applaud for quick answers, you are not supposed to have all of those yet. You can relax and be yourself with us, we’ll work more effectively together when you do.

In order to be a good coach one actually has to care about the client. We have to because anything less than caring about what you need would make us disingenuous and ineffective as coaches. We work with you. This is a team effort and we’re with you as long as you want us there and we are competent enough to deliver what you need. We are interested. We observe what is happening to you and your goal and actively behave as working partners in our conversations with you. We will not attempt to provide you with too much information about our techniques, we know our job.

We listen and learn how you communicate with a bias towards your future development as an individual with a specific goal. We listen to you as a person of many facets and levels of expression, not as just a peg to hammer into the correct shape for the job.

In order to do right by you we have to understand as much of you as you are willing to share with us, so we can get to the heart of what you need. There is no coaching without heart. We have an eye on your future when we speak because that is where you’ll be spending the rest of your life.

We will discuss your wins, your aspirations, your passions, where you used to limit yourself and the reasons for it all. Sometimes we will ask you something and you won’t like it, so we expect you to say so. We may still ask you about it though 😉

As for fixing you, or your goal, that’s always going to be your job, but we help open things up for you by getting you to say things you may never have considered as relevant before. It may take you a while to work out how you feel about what you are saying. That’s good, we expect it. Our opinion is irrelevant and is never more important than yours. We will never push you towards any solution, we are here to help you find the right one for you. Please do not be alarmed by our silence while we wait for you think something through before you say something. We want you to feel at ease and have the mental and physical space to be able to arrive at the right conclusion for yourself in an unhurried, deliberate way.

You can ask us to help you work on the best way to achieve an action, or you can tell us what you will do. We are not mentors, or experts, but we will help as best we can without trying to take over. You can really stretch your creative muscles without restraint. This is your journey, your goal.

We work with you, not just considering your deadline, but what happens next, way after your first set of sessions have concluded. There may be ways to improve other areas of your job or life by what you start putting together for your goal.

We encourage you to think, learn and be what you want, to get the solutions you need. The strategies and planning will be yours, the success, yours. With all this comes your accountability. You will discuss this with us and talk about who else can share this with you. We will tell you if we think you are side stepping your accountability on what you have agreed to do, this is also our job.

We will only suggest techniques, tools and other helpful things to you if they are relevant. If you played squash we wouldn’t give you a golf club, entertaining as that might be. We aren’t a one stop ‘dump all you can to fill the clients arms, so they feel they’re getting a deal’ kind of business. We’re here for you.

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