Conflict Resolution, the benefits of being wrong

No one enjoys getting things wrong, unless it’s a eureka moment with all the positive connotations realised, if not fully acted upon immediately. Have you had many of those? Normally these occurrences are conspicuous by fundamental absence because usually we have all the answers, right?

Just messing with you! 🙂

In a debate there is more than one person to consider, there is the very important reason for the debate, however, it can be lost in a sea of competing personalities and priorities.

How do you approach a conversation or meeting when there are vested interests involved?
Are you calm, keen to listen and conciliatory? When does this change? What or whom normally changes it?

You may not be the only one hoping for a promotion or credit for something. What if part of the project or the whole thing is not going to plan, who is responsible? If it was partly your responsibility what do you say about your role in it, or do you point the finger at someone else? It may be reasonable to do so if someone risks the work of a team, but it is very rare that they would do it deliberately. There must be reasons on more than one ‘side’ for it.

Do you have sides at work and at home? Is it a requirement to always win at any cost, or lose to keep the peace?

Ever heard or said something like, “I’ll settle their hash!”

How did that pan out for you? Feel good? Are you the aggressive, must be right or die swashbuckling kind of person, or are you the one feeling under siege, defending your corner? How comfortable is that corner, is it any bigger lately? Not wanting to stand up to a bullish character isn’t going to make you feel better. The bullish person isn’t really feeling that good about things if they are using up energy chasing all the red flags around them. More to the point, where did the point actually go?

While all the personalities weigh each other up and choose their position what has actually been achieved? Other than needing a metaphorical gum shield, what is this friction achieving for the issue being debated?

It can be sorted out without someone having to feel like the loser. Conflict resolution can be dealt with in a variety of ways, using soft skills twinned with solid business practices and incorporating valuable coaching. This allows everyone the opportunity to understand other points of view in a less personalised, but more easily invested way as a team. You may even enjoy it and gain a few more friends. Risk being wrong, it may work out better than you could ever imagine.

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