You do anything, there’s a consequence. The trick is to pre order your desired consequence. How do you do that? I’d ask how can you do otherwise unless you aren’t entitled to happiness. Some of you may think you’re not, but I’m not going to help you shift that belief now.

You may be in need of clinical services, or you could be hoping that because of this stigma (don’t bother telling me there isn’t, although thankfully, it’s diminishing), you felt uncomfortable, like others are going too far if they suggest coaching, so therefore leave you alone. Has it worked? Are you alone with your issues and goals?

The difference here is you can come to me on your own terms. No one is saying get help, you can do it, are they? You may believe these are just words any way. You are right. Words without emotion or action are always just words, like the list you made but didn’t fetch yet.

I am not a clinician, but I do help some people. Note the word ‘some’, not ‘all’. Even in a paid coaching relationship some clients dodge about a bit, thinking they are avoiding something because the certainty of what they have is so strong they don’t want to let go of it now, even if it’s scary. It makes them feel they have significance by having a metaphorical lion to tame. Sitting in their chair they may believe the floor will open up and swallow them if they let go of a certainty which makes them miserable. It certainly did. The consequence of this can be managed. Instead of certainly awful it can be exciting, rewarding, even rejuvenating.

The focus may be on someone else: “I just want them to change!”
The times I’ve heard this. Can we shift it a bit? Can we change habits with them without vengeance? Absolutely. Consequences can be win, win, instead of “I’ll show you!” Want me to show you?

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