Visualisation, Have You Ever Licked a Wall?


I’m serious, and yes, saying something weird to get your attention, but this time it serves another important purpose. If you are into self-improvement, or maintenance, or what ever you call it, you will have very probably come across creative visualization. It’s big business, it’s powerful and makes a lot of people a lot of money. So, what happened to you? Just joking.

Perhaps you tried it and just couldn’t step in to the image you were trying to make as you followed the visualization technique? Guess what, that’s quite normal. If you’re being led you haven’t initiated it, so it may be hard to get into someone else’s projection, however sweet and fluffy or strong and dynamic it may be, that’s all. No crime or deficiency, but most people don’t speak about not being able to do it. Result: Embarrassment, annoyance, defeat?


Okay, time to depart from the ethereal and get real for a while. Remember what your all time favourite meal tastes like? How did it make you feel when you saw it arrive on the table in front of you for the first time, and the last time? Was the food hot or cold, sharp, sweet or savoury? Who cooked it? Who washed up? Did they love you? Do you love them? Do you feel anything about the memory? Some people cannot visualise, but they can feel. What feeling do you want to feel now?

How about when you tried a tasty frozen lolly on a hot day and had to eat it before it melted? What flavor was it? What were you wearing? Was it easy to handle? Can you remember the colourful, icey lolly melting on to your hand and dripping n to your shoes or clothes? Did you smile, grimace, or just hungrily devour it? Is it delicious? Want one now?

How about actually attending a viewing of a house you really want and licking that wall you saw in the photograph? Guaranteed to get you ejected unless you’re really sneaky, Eh? Don’t! 😉

Next time you want to visualise, just use what means something to you. Now you’re getting it!

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