Free inhouse team coaching?

Free Coaching?

Free Coaching?

Coaching is different from mentoring (here’s how I did it examples)​, different from counselling (helping people with trauma). Coaching is about the client achieving their clarified abd declared goals, and by being a witness (who with the permission of the client), holds them accountable, but does not admonish them. I can do rah, rah, rah! But that is not coaching either.

My coaching business at Statuam, is very down to earth, always about the client. Knowing limits is essential, but so is learning from other coaches and connections.

Having more than excellent coaching skills under my belt, but also outside corporate and media experience, I have a very analytical view of the coaching industry. It wasn’t an inherited skill. Through training, daily research and appreciation of other professionals, I try to untangle the myriad techniques of a bit of this and a dollop of that, which is sometimes offered to potential coaching clients by industry members. This is important because it can be confusing for those clients seeking clarity and help. How can a coach call themselves a focused specialist in a niche market when they swamp their potential clients with so many unfocused additiinal skills that they end up losing business? The client is not best served by this approach and neither are they, that’s part of why other coaches have sought my help.

Not everyone who says they are a coach can actually coach, or coach well. It’s the new bandwagon, and when companies can get their employees to coach each other seemingly for free, one would hope that the coaching delivery is based on more than willing participants without training or understanding of the importance of things like: truth without pressure, confidentiality, non verbal and verbal cues, pacing, pitch and so very much more. Doing it for the right reasons and to save on costs seems like a great idea unless it goes wrong, is poorly directed, lacks structure, confidentiality, follow up, or proper impartiality.

Freebie team coaching without enough coaching skills: It can work, but what can happen when it doesn’t?

For starters: in some people it may cause or bring out, lack of engagement or antagonism.
Fall out can be literal, people can feel resentful, or escalate their decision to leave.
Trust issues can begin when information is used in a less than fair manner for someone elses aims.

Some people may say that this may uncover things which need to be improved. Absolutely, but have the freebie coaching teams got a safety net in place? Who has worked out what to do if it goes wrong? How will it be implemented? How will it affect the business? Can the business afford a freebie coaching team more readily than a real coach?

The safety net is a proper coach, contact me:

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