Given the Gift of Coaching? – Grab Your Good Luck!

The other day a friend of mine asked on Facebook if he was daft tidying up before the cleaner arrived at his house. He did what most people do and it’s normal. Who wants another person to think we’re messy or disordered?

We have internal drivers which push us to be the best we can appear to be to others. It could be because of our culture, a really strong past experience or memory, or just the desire to be approved of as we all do.

Remember the efforts you made for school projects, first dates, job interviews and presentations. After a while you relax, everyone sees you have done your best, but you ate liked more when you are simply yourself.

Being authentically you is sometimes harder to achieve if you think you are being monitored. No, it’s not paranoid – much! ;). Until you know the score, you’ll need to be certain, so let’s see what happens …

Concerned about keeping your job? Being informed you have been selected for coaching may fill you with dread. What are the right things to say? Are they going to psychologically profile and categorise you? You may not be used to the whizz bang personal improvement culture. You’re a plumber or a pen pusher in a beige business. What does this unasked for attention actually mean?

Will others think you’re an under achiever because you have been selected for coaching? Or, you may be excited and keen to let the boss see you are keen to be coached well.

If you are lucky enough to be given sone free coaching through your job, you are being given a Gift.

It goes like this …

Apart from having to disclose criminal activities for the public good -please leave your balaclava and stories of swag at home – once you have completed the pre coaching form ( which tells me whether your needs are matched by my coaching expertise), your boss will NEVER know what you say to me. It’s not a confessional, but it is a sacred relationship.

There is no one way mirror, all coaching is done by a normal non premium land line, or Skype.
There are no recording devices and no one listening in (unless the authorities have you on a watch list 😉

Notes: these are written so I can keep tabs on my effectiveness in helping you achieve your session goal and your overall goal. If you want these after all the coaching is complete you are most welcome.

Most people are happy for me to keep notes because they want to ensure I am up to date with their lives and able to catch up easily when they return for their next bunch of sessions.

I do not share your information with third parties. I hate spam whether it’s. Virtual or shreddable.

If I run into something I need help with in order to assist you, I will ask a colleague, but never share your identity. Confidentiality is essential.

Back to your initial coaching questions… Are you okay being questioned, or do you prefer a conversation? Interrogation is down to the good officers if the law, not a coach. However, we couldn’t do our job without asking you about yourself – your wants needs and desires for your life.

How are you feeling now? Okay!

Statuam coaches at your speed … Let’s see where it takes us! Be well.

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