Go on, Give it a Squeeze!


Is being different everything, or is there more? Let’s face it, there are loads of coaches out there claiming uniqueness. We all hunt about for something to differentiate our businesses by fulfilling a niche. I can always be better and would love to deserve to say I am the best coach ever. Getting there requires effort every single day, learning from as many helpful sources and practicing as much possible.

If you want to be the best at something you make the choice to keep improving yourself. Your choices have to be conscious and deliberate for your goal. Revelling in small and large successes is the reward. Think about it, how have you decided to reward yourself in your life so far? Are you the reward giver or sometimes the recipient? By that I mean are you quick to pass the prize? What’s behind your need to do this? What if you could keep some of it to squeeze drops of comfort and inspiration from it from time to time? What if you could share it or keep it? Dare you?

If you feel in need of inspiration a useful thing to do is to remember and use past glories, reliving how they made you feel. Many successful sports people have a lucky shirt, or other personal item because it helps them connect with a real memory and then carry those same emotions on to create new ones.

What do you do to replicate success? How do you measure it and carry it forward? If you want to pay it forward you have to hold it for a while first. Get to know it. What does it look like, feel like, smell like, weigh? Yes, really! Try not to put it in a drawer too quickly. It has a job to do for you. Let the magic work ..!

Okay, dreamer, back to me again 😉 I am a really great coach, try Statuam out, I’ve worked to make it even better. It may be your time to create more success.


Statuam … Coaching at your speed … Let’s see where it takes us!

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