Had Enough Hanging on?


Coaches can have a plethera of skills these days. It’s a competitive industry, so well they might. Gosh, there’s a lot of disciplines out there to help get you where you want to be and yes, it is quite hard to be yourself in this world, don’t you find?

If you have any ambition at all, it’s almost expected that you will play to your strengths so much there’s little room for anything else. You become a utility, the rest of you hangs on for as long as you insist on taking it, before you finally realise you want to be seen as more than a cog in someone else’s machine. That’s why you’re looking for a good coach.

As a coach, I educate myself on a continual basis in ways that improve how we interact. Before the first coaching session your pre coaching application is assessed. If I think we’re a good fit, I accept you. You have the opportunity to decide if we fit as a team to receive clear, uncomplicated and concise coaching.

The most useful and important ingredients in a good coaching outcome are what you say and how I listen. That’s it, really! No shrink service included, although these issues are not ignored. (I am not a clinician and know my limits). The coaching begins with you and keeps you at the centre of everything. You can be yourself, which is the best basis to begin from, because when you’re fully being yourself there’s a much better chance of achieving what will make you truly happy. That’s a great goal, isn’t it! If you believe you cannot have what will make you truly happy we can have a look at your situation. Let’s see what we can do about it. It may be the thing you think you want is actually something else entirely. This happens to my clients every now and then and the relief they feel to finally sort out priorities, is immense.

Looking forward to your email. Sessions are run using Skype.


Statuam … Coaching at your speed … Let’s see where it takes us!

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