Hunting ‘Meh’!

'Meh' Hunting!

Captain ‘Meh!’

‘Meh!’ is mediocre at best.

It took energy to even give it a capital letter, ‘meh’. See!

You think you know what it feels like, but it loves to confuse your priorities. It lurks and pushes stuff at you, hiding in the ironing, or the cupboard, sometimes among a group of people where it can meet up for a congratulatory ‘meh’ session, but in a suitably toned down fashion.

Question is how much ‘meh’ can you take – one lump, or two? For how long? Is in all areas of life, or do you like to let it live in only a couple? Do you want it framed on the wall for all to see? Is it?

I will coach you (subject to T’s & C’s) on this basis: You want better and you want to get there the least painful, most efficient way possible.

Don’t need any help. Okay, see you in two to five years, maybe. ‘Meh’ will be there to keep you company, faithful as always.

Personal secret. Having had a mixture of good and ‘meh’, appalling teachers at school (did not say great, did I?) mixed with a poor home life, a lot of insecurity, it meant bad things when needing help. Any sort of help. Even if there had been the greatest of everything available, everyone needs a bit of help sometimes.

Boohoo! Care not? Well, actually we all have templates set from an early age for how we interact, how we progress and how far and how fast it happens – if at all. Great news though: we can choose a new template if the other one stops working! Even for ‘meh’!

So, what do you do when you have cornered your ‘meh’? You’re halfway to a new template. As your witness and fellow ‘meh’ hunter we can work it out together, put something else in that frame, or turn the ‘meh’ into a museum piece, or rug, or swap it for a better class of ‘meh’!

Thing is, keeping those ‘mehs’ around can cause trips and falls. Breeding your ‘meh’ requires a lot of energy – doing what won’t make you happy, even though stroking your ‘meh’ may bring temporary relief. Try not to do this in public too often, ‘meh’ envy is a bitch. Ensure a safe environment and strategy for understanding your ‘meh’ in order to deal with it fairly and humanely, contact me. If after the first consultation you decide to hide your ‘meh’ for a rainy, sunny, spring like, winter, something day – all good. Just don’t let it eat your lunch, unless that’s meh, too.

Users notice: Watch out for ‘meh’ needs company ‘ads, especially in the lonely hearts section. Want someone to ‘meh’ you? How well is your ‘meh’ life going these days? If you want to run out of meh, contact me. We’ll sneak up on that critter together.

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