Ssh! This oil is Magic!


I get so excited before coaching a new client and for every session after that because having experienced people who want to stay stuck in the past, being allowed to help people get un-stuck is great.

As a younger person a career in medicine was considered but I knew that as not all patients were going to make it, I would be very unhappy, so avoided that route. A total blubbing softy would be very little use giving bad news, while the patient tried to comfort me! I like giving good news, but more importantly, by far the best fun is helping to create great news.

When we’ve passed exams, or won awards, or even won a raffle it gives us a really nice feeling. This feeling is achievable for me every single day because as a coach who is totally focused on you as my client, I am on your team. Sessions are prepared according to your needs. Questions are asked to get the best out of you. You will know if you have really engaged with me if you feel and can measure your progress.

Life happens, death happens, even to ageing robots (and you are not a robot), but realistic goals can make these things better. No one has ‘worked late a lot’ inscribed on the their tombstone. No one has their exam results on there either, unless their Phd is how they choose to identify themselves.

There are lots of little deaths and rebirths in life. The day you left one school to go to big school, the day you went to college, or work for the first time. Friendships come and go, followed by more. Marriages begin and end for various reasons. Passions ignite and wane, then get replaced by something new.

Whether you are middle aged and think you’re past it because you need those joints oiled, or younger and just a bit nervous, what would be your secret WD40 to get things moving for you? It could be you need krill oil too, but you’d better talk to your doctor about it, instead of me 😉

The bit in between is where I can help you. You’ve done the birth bit, now let’s get on with the bit in the middle. You can make it great!

Statuam … Coaching at your speed … Let’s see where it takes us!

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