It’s relevant – whose windows did you smash?


How does the statement ‘If your brother does not have a shirt give him your coat too’, sound? Something like that was written by Saint Matthew.

Hang on! Matthew was talking about what Jesus taught regarding how to deal with people who were angry, or in need, or both. I’m no theologian, I am a coach who wants to help people understand something.

Yes, it’s fine to be conciliatory in an argument, but are your clients already angry with you? Did you just smash their windows? No? Okay then. They were obviously interested in your products or services and spent time selecting you, or would like to if they knew you existed! Would they come to you if you were offering it for nothing? No, most would not and there’s a good reason for it.

First, if you have worked hard to get to where you are by researching, learning, working and training that’s got to be worth something, right? If it wasn’t would the people involved in how you got to learn, train and work have helped and mentored you? No. Your time and effort is worth something, then? Definitely!

Second, there you are ready to be the answer to someones prayers, but not many prospective clients enquire, let alone buy. What’s the deal? Well, you probably haven’t approached enough people in a varied enough manner often enough to find what works best for you – or them. Then, you need to refine what works. All this takes effort and dedication to making your offering attractive and most importantly relevant.

Next, it has to be more than relevant, it has to show the person investing their time and money that you offer something which makes them comfortable with their choice. They want to feel their money has been spent wisely. They want to feel they haven’t gone bargain basement, or to someone who is casting their net in the hope that they’ll catch something, anything, as long as it pays, because that does not make them feel special. They want to feel valued and in todays world that does not tend to come with a sticker saying ‘Free to one careful owner because I’m nice/lacking confidence/feeling delicate’.


A client generally likes to feel that their choice is made on the basis of what helps them to achieve what they need or want and makes them look good. “I hate those jeans! Wrap them up!”

There is a secure feeling about paying for expertise. It’s an old fashioned way of thinking in this brave new world, but it’s true. If you charge a decent fee, not too low, or too ridiculous, most people will be fine about that, in fact some want you to charge a high fee. Kudos matters to them. Louis Vuitton would have little cache without the black card being needed occasionally.

Yes, you’ll hear all the schmutter about how great it is to economise, me too, yada yada, but give a girl a trip to buy shoes and she won’t be looking for flipflops, unless she’s going to the beach or feels guilty about money.

For some of you, you know who you are, there is more to it than that – and that’s fine. We’ll talk about it when you call me to discuss how you want to make more money, get your goal, open a charitable organisation. Whatever it is, remember all these things need money. Money gives you choice. Make yours and if you find that challenging you can email me and we’ll have a chat later.

Statuam … Coaching at your speed … Let’s see where it takes us!

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