Leave that Button Alone!


As a coach I help people to stop hitting their pain button, but admit that first we have to find it and get you to agree not to hit it yourself. STOP IT!

How can you if the treadmill is the only path you know? This happens, then the other thing happens and before you know it Zzzapp! You got sucked in to the maelstrom and couldn’t turn it off without giving in.

Sometimes you will already know where it is and what it is, but not how to do anything about it, even though you are willing to work hard to get results. It’s not that you necessarily like difficulties or drama, but if you haven’t been given the tools to do something it may take you a while. Try hammering a bridge together with a stiletto heel. Not useful, efficient or fun.

Ever hurt yourself somewhere, like an arm or shoulder? Notice how all of a sudden everyone you meet suddenly seems to touch you there, until you end up walking lob-sided to avoid it being hurt further? Perhaps you think a coach is one of the pain button pushers? Not when I can help it!

Yes, sometimes we have to go for the burn to get the benefit of solid effort, but does it always have to be painful? Would you like to get better results without the psychological fall out? Would you like to know your triggers and not get zapped?

We all have something to achieve, whether we like it or not – that’s life folks!

From the simplest thing like laundry, housework, homework, communicating with people we cannot stand because there is no choice yet. We could let the laundry pile up and the cockroaches have a party, which would make things worse or we could alter our mind set just enough to get through it in a non traumatic way and possibly even enjoy it. Wouldn’t that be novel?

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