No, it’s not Nescafe


There you are with the the effects of what’s been getting in your way and the need to get to your goal. It’s taken great fortitude for you to approach anyone about it.

The process of your realisation has already taken so much of your energy. You are a unique individual, but like most of us you keep bumping up against something you need or want to change, or even remove in order to achieve your goal. How will you do it if you cannot get near the starting blocks? Bummer!

You may not even know exactly what it is, but whatever it is, it may make you feel lost and lacking in what others seem to have – answers. Everyone else always seems to know what they’re doing, why can’t I? Your happiness has been dented for ages, but you have tried to behave as if everything is fine and soldiered on valiantly. No good moaning about it, that’s what you may have been told to believe, so why hasn’t it gone away?

When you are ready to reject the limitations you lived with for long enough, you may be nervous about even considering how to approach dealing with it. What judgement will you get from those you approach? You may have wrestled with this thing for may be years, so you call someone who does what you think may help you. Yeah, sure, they tell you they can sort you out In a tick or two.

Have you ever felt dishonoured by someone telling you to get over it, or that they can sort out your issues REALLY fast? After all you have been through! How dare they instantly invalidate the stuff you’ve experienced as easily as making an instant coffee! Of course they may be right, but that’s not the point!

I would love to do the thing which helps you instantly. I’d feel like a god and get a great rep’. I wouldn’t have to do much to pay the bills. Wow!

Thing is, you don’t know if you like me enough yet. You don ‘t know if you are ready to trust me enough yet. That’s okay. It takes a little time.

In the meantime let’s talk about your goals …

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