Not all Mistakes are Compulsory!

I am interested in you.

I can help your business.

I have a lot of what you need, you have the rest.

In some cases I did what you are doing and had the hair on the carpet to prove it.

I wish the me now was speaking to me back then, but that’s called Earned Experience.

The temptation is to say learned, which is obvious, but if I encouraged you to learn at the pace I did, you would probably make more mistakes then you wanted to make and take a similar amount of time doing it.

Truth is, everyone who gets anywhere in life makes mistakes. They build character and businesses, however, not all mistakes are compulsory.

When I was in other businesses years ago, I thought coaches were a bit happy clappy, hippy hippy, joy joy. Now, I wish I had investigated sooner because I would have been much more successful much sooner. Is this regret? No, it’s a fact I can share to help you get where you want to be faster and better, with a more positive proactive idea about your business with a real sense of attainability for future success.

You have very likely earned some great stripes to be proud of, if you want to earn more of these we can get these without pain. That sounds good, right? Contact me to arrange a free chat about what you want for your business. … coaching at your speed

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