Pasting the Participant


Can you hear my message? Is that how you communicate in your life and business? How about, can we talk about something they may think is important to them? Everyone is so busy trying to get their bit of what they think is a priority across to someone else, are they all being effective in getting real results all the time? Like squeezing a tube of toothpaste, do you have to squeeze from the top or the bottom? Do we keep squeezing more on to the toothbrush just because there is so much to squeeze, it would be a shame to waste it? Then it’s all squeezed out, someones in a mess and they have to buy a new tube. The brush isn’t looking so good either, it has to have a big rinse.

Are your calls like that? Do you use up everything you know and have to get more energy just to make another call? How do you class being effective? Are you dumping your pitch on someone, patting yourself on the back for having taken up their time? Did it get what you wanted? Where’s the sale?

Example: someone I know comes out with brilliant stuff, but sometimes he is so locked in to his need to say something he thinks it’s my responsibility to not only stop what I am doing, but to intelligise and applaud it. Have you done that on the telephone? You break into someones day and blurt your wares, try to make them fit what you have to offer? We all have in some way. Every now and again the reset button has to be pressed, where they have to speak human. This is my small contribution to humanity 😉 We all learn, hopefully, that we are responsible for how we are heard – if we are heard, because we may not be, even if it takes minutes to end the call. How about having a conversation instead, not the equivalent of a Super Mario game of hitting all the gold coins according to your needs, not theirs?

Even when they hear the message and can match with what you are offering, there may be more stuff you don’t know about. How are they going to tell you if there is no room to tell you?  Have you created the open space, the thinking room, the ease of conversation? Think about it. How will you create all that? So, you have a script. Big deal! If you aren’t closing over 50% of what you call strong prospects, there’s something amiss: your qualification. Time to review how you communicate.

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