Personal Shopper thinking out loud!


What would you have done in your life on behalf of yourself?

Is it an easy answer? What’s the list looking like so far?

If it was all done for you would you feel proud of the end result, or like a passenger taking praise for just being on board?

I think you want more than that, if you forgive the presumption.

If you already had … let’s call it the goods, what would that feel like? What would you unwrap first?

What do you choose to wear when you feel good? what dies it feel like on your skin? What perfume or cologne do you use? Can you smell it now? Is that what success smells like for you?

I’ve been told some people recoil from the word coach because ..? They don’t actually know, apart from the fact it makes them mis-associate what we do. I think I’ve just created a new word the spell checker did not recognise. Good! I like that! I like breaking silly rules if there’s a good reason for it.

If you could break a rule what would it be?

Asking questions is what I do. How else can we get you the answers you need? So, if you prefer to call me your personal shopper, great! What aisle are you looking in first?

Statuam … coaching at your speed … Also at the

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