There’s nothing wrong with you …


It may be a misunderstanding, but you may think that coaching is about fixing you. You don’t need to be fixed do you?

As a coach I don’t do that, sorry.

Other people may think that coaches come out with all the latest consulting speak and you’ll come back thinking outside your box 😉

Not any time I checked! May help you find more boxes though.



Invasive questioning?


A nice chat and a biscuit?


The coach telling me stuff.

No, unless it’s a funny story. I like those.

Talking about dreams?

Which ones, the blue headed frog spinning plates while driving a tricycle with a parasol, or your ambitions?

The last one.

Yes, but what makes you think they are anything but possible?

Put a shine on your Harley … Or your career. Actually, you can do both!

Statuam … Coaching at your speed … Let’s see where it takes us.

Be well.

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