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A lot of people think they know what coaching is and some are correct, but every now and again, it’s nice to mention it from a real coaches’ perspective, just so we are on the same page …

‘Is Coaching Getting Advice?’

No.  Nor is it a more formal chat about life, the universe and everything

When you receive Statuam coaching you are not going to hear me or anyone else blether on about our opinions or experiences.  You are the focus and your goal or target will have full attention.

‘My friend is great to chat to about stuff, what’s the difference ?’

Your friend sounds lovely.  Are they trained in any particular discipline relevant to your goal?

When you speak with them do they relay emotional feedback about their lives and those they care about?  Yes?  That’s what friends do.  Personal and business coaches do not relate to you this way, but we do ensure you know you are understood.

‘If you do not chat to me about yourself, so we can get to know each other, how do I know a questionnaire in Marie Claire wouldn’t be just as good?’

I do those questionnaires too, they can be great fun, but there are a few things I am trained to do that a questionnaire cannot facilitate.  Myers Briggs personal traits testing and others which deal in the psychological testing industry is valid up to a point, but there is always a new kid/questionnaire system on the block, replacing concepts about these things.  These tests may pick up disparity and patterns very effectively, but as far as I know they do not dig as deep as a good coach because:

One of the things a coach looks for is tonality when a client speaks about their goal and all the things affecting it.  When you speak with a friend, they can hear things in your voice others may miss.  We are very voice and body centred at Statuam.  If there is a mismatch, we can usually pick up on it.

Body language is very important to a coach.  Technology now gives the luxury of being able to coach anywhere in the world without leaving my desk.  Even if you are doing the fandango from the waist down while speaking to me, there will be signs.  Go on, try it.  🙂


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