Secret Business! Statuam Coaching


You go about your job diligently, providing added value whenever possible. You may have a few important contacts. They know a bit about what you do, but not enough to make you stand out from the crowd. Perfect for an undercover operation.

Trouble is you’re not a spy! You are a business owner.

In the old days more people had stalls and went to markets. People could see the looks of appreciation of your customers and feel the value of a good barter. You got the sheep or pig you wanted, and it could walk home with you – no transport costs.

So what is behind the need to keep quiet about your business? I have plenty of ideas at Statuam Coaching, but these may not all apply to you. You could have the best excuse, sorry, story, sorry reason in the world.

Talk about it with me for a little while, for free. What’s the worst that could happen to your business if someone else found out about it? Let’s talk about that.


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