Statuam Terms, conditions and Fees


Receiving written or verbal communication from Statuam, or any individual working for Statuam does not mean we have agreed to coach you, even after becoming fully aware of your circumstances, including having received your signed agreement, the completed pre coaching conversation or form and cleared cheque.  The pre coaching form must be completed honestly and accurately and sent with the agreed payment.

Your application and coaching sessions will only be subject to review and reporting to a legal body if there has been sufficient concern about the physical and mental safety of your self and if there is any threat or knowledge of deliberate criminal physical or mental harm to another person or organisation.

Although a psychotherapy service is not offered by anyone in Statuam, it is essential that you disclose any mental health issues you may have suffered previously or currently, to allow us to coach appropriately.

Full disclosure is also required of anyone with a criminal history, which may have a bearing on the coaching process, also to allow us to coach appropriately.

Our notice to you:

If your coach is sick or prevented from being available to you for any reason, you will be contacted as soon as possible to rebook your session.

Release of contract

Time is worth more than gold to all of us, so here are our guidelines on giving Statuam sufficient notice in the event that you the client would like to discontinue using the coaching service provided by Statuam.

Cancellation:  If you are on an individual fixed time session contract, not an organisation  with a forward agreement

(1, 2, 3 or 6 months, up to 1 year), Statuam will respect your choice as long as you provide 48 hours (2 days) notice by email and not charge you any fees over and above your completed sessions.  You are welcome to contact us again for future coaching.

If you have booked forward appointments beyond one week, (up to and including (1) one month, but find you are unable to use these for whatever reason, you must give us (7) seven days of notice.  Any fees after that time are forfeit unless this has been done.   You are welcome to rebook with Statuam, but with the understanding that the same time slot may be unavailable and there may be a waiting list.

Definition Example:  One month of notice means the day an email has been sent will correspond to exactly one month later of the last day of notice.  We duo not mess about with how we classify business days and public holidays.  It’s nicer this way.

Corporate and individuals with fixed advance session clients who have booked for one month plus, must ensure they provide an email with one month of notice for contracts of up to (6) months and (6) months notice for yearly contracts, – irrespective of whether they are any number of months into the contract, otherwise, all fees are forfeit.

If any coach working for Statuam believes they are unsuited to working with you, the client, they shall notify you by email and return any future session fees you have paid, unless trying a different Statuam coach is acceptable to you, if they are available.

Statuam coaches are within their rights to end the coaching relationship, so you can benefit from using another coach to get you to your goal.

If anyone in Statuam discovers you deliberately misinformed Statuam of important mental health issues or criminal activity, past or present, in a way that would legally compromise Statuam or the coach, all fees are forfeit.

If your circumstances change suddenly, (example:  a tummy bug prevents you doing the session) we will try our best to be understanding and may be able to make special arrangements, like rebooking, for example.  However, this does not change the previous terms and conditions concerning harm.

Statuam and any of its coaches reserves the right to refuse coaching without explanation.  If this is the case your pre coaching application will be returned to you.

Statuam will retain a copy of your pre coaching and coaching details. And keep these confidentially, as mentioned earlier in this document.

Statuam and anyone working for it agree they will not disclose to any third party or use, other than for the purposes of this agreement, any knowledge or information imparted to or obtained by it during or in connection with the fulfillment of this agreement, which is of a secret or confidential nature relating to the business, equipment, processes, products, services or business strategies offered or employed by the CLIENT.

This obligation of confidence will cease to apply in relation to information that Statuam
is required to disclose by any law, or which becomes part of the public domain other than as the result of a breach by Statuam of its obligations of confidence under this Agreement.

Once you have signed your CLIENT coaching contract, you agree to the following:

Statuam and anyone working under Statuams’ name will always ensure:


The CLIENT indemnifies Statuam against any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from any unauthorised use of Statuams images, text, or other Intellectual Property not under copyright ownership of the CLIENT.


Depending on what you want to achieve you may start with 6 sessions and then expand/add to your goal coaching requirements.

It is impossible to predict how many you will need because everyone is an individual and has different priorities.

The first 20 minutes pre-coaching conversation is totally free.

Once you have completed the Statuam coaching form, read our terms and conditions and made your payment we can arrange your coaching on an initial basis of one session a week for four weeks.

Coaching session duration: 40 to 60 minutes. Please ensure you can do this without distraction.

A busy diary means coaching sessions are conducted by landline telephone, or Skype. Email coaching in real time is also available.

Coaching for 1stappscoach/Apps Nursery clients can also be arranged.

Please ensure you read all the terms, conditions and exclusions on the website and in your paperwork. Agreement to these means you fully indemnify Mandy Worrall and Statuam and our computers and software against malware and all forms of legal action, including those laid out in our code of conduct and terms and conditions.

Mandy Worrall reserves the right to change terms, conditions and fees.

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