Telling Stories


My story is always changing. Is yours? Are you the person you thought you were way back when? Are you allowing the strength you had to be present and help you now?

Are you not allowing that strength, of which anyone would be proud, to express itself now because of an old story? Are you feeling less because you were forced to be more, which hurt you back then?

Pain hurts, inspiration lifts and is usually born of pain. Where can you use your strength to be the example you wish you had way back when? With whom? Your life is changing, liking that or not makes no difference, but what happens when you decide to like it? What does it do to your inner strength? You may have let things pile up on it so it’s hard to see, but my friend, it’s still there. Take this hard won prize of yours, dust it off. Let it shine for yourself on dark roads and for others who will follow. Not everyone will because they have yet to realise their strength like you.

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