Throw your balls in the air and sing like you just don’t care!


A band called King Harvest originally released this song

I love it, especially as the words actually mean something which brought up a great memory. The song says you can’t be up tight when dancing and it’s true! I think I’ll try this out on someone some day 😉

A few years ago I had the pleasure to attend an event at the British Voice Association in London, because of my involvement in radio and voice over work. They blew me away, especially when they used a technique which got instant results for a professional singer. The singer was having a couple of issues with her range, so they asked her to come up and demonstrate what she meant. Then they gave her a couple of balls and asked her to juggle. Much laughter ensued. Then they asked her to try their techniques while singing and juggling. TA DA! Sorted! Big smiles and a great performance at a new range.

From the point of view of a business coach working from outside the voice industry these days, this taught me a valuable lesson. The singer said she believed it would take her many more months, or years to get the new range to work while protecting her voice. She had a self limiting belief because she did not have all the information her profession could provide. The singer remedied this by being present in a place that could help, among a peer group who had insights into the subject and experience, even if they did not all do the same thing or work at the same level.

It also taught me the value of distraction. No magician was used in the performance of this task, the magic was released when the singers attention to her resistance was moved.

In the coaching process we talk about your reality. I bring out your perceptions and beliefs, whether they are real, or something which can be addressed and moved so you can reach your actual goal. You don’t mind that, do you? No singing or dancing required unless you really want to, but don’t hold me to that 😉

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