Where’s Your Head At?


I don’t really know the statistic on marriages saved if couples had more money is accurate, but heard it was 30% in America, via a video about chakra energy manipulation (body meridians, or energy centres).

Quite like the concept of chakra energy, but as a coach, the possibility that someone manipulating energy by wiggling their fingers at you is less about the action and more about the history of the individual is probable. (I know other chakra workers use differing techniques). The chakra people would agree with the history part, I think. Their conversation in the video allowed information which facilitated realisation, but this video was more about ‘telling’ the person in it and pulling out blockages, rather than that person coming up with it 100% on their own, in my opinion. That’s what I help you do as quickly as possible through coaching. With this comes a feeling of achievement for you because you deserve to feel good for working on yourself.

We all want things fixed! I can list a few things about myself which could be improved, but like everyone it’s where your head’s at, isn’t it?

Returning to that marriage statistic, I used to think more money would make marriage easier, but now believe this is a mostly false belief. Surely, handling difficulties in marriage are the test of the people in it. No one can one gauge commitment without seeing reality in various situations and deciding whether they want to keep helping each other and being together.

Conversely, if everything was one long money party it could cause problems of a different kind of excess. Left untested by the distraction of plentifulness the marriage may not grow. This could cause it to falter and end. Of course some may say they would rather part cash rich than poor, if so, be wary of marrying them 😉

Actually, not joking so much there. If society expects divorce rather than commitment, guess what happens! The pressure to believe in incompatibility rather than stickability, as I call it, is perversely popularised by the media, in my opinion. They seem to love a good break up! However, it’s never good unless the people involved have ended unnecessary pain due to a relationship which cannot be saved. Even then there is fall out and nothing to be sneered at.

Back to coaching: Everyone being coached has something they want to achieve. They seek my coaching because I can help them realise and make connections which get them closer to their goals. Instead of mental connections working against you, these can be made to work for you, by you.

It has been said that not everyone wants to admit wanting, needing or working with a coach like me. It’s a bit like the old, outdated stigma of using the services a counsellor or therapist. There! The taboo of saying it. All done!

You’ll find more and more people doing what successfully coached people do because they want the same level of success. No one likes being left behind. Thinking about improving your life is a good start. Planning and taking action is the next part. Confidentiality is essential. My terms and code of ethics are easy to understand on the Statuam website. No one will even know you are receiving coaching unless you tell them, but if you want to tell them, wonderful!

Whether you are looking for better communication, unlocking solutions, or getting better results, email me to check whether I can help you.

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