Who’s the Boss? Statuam Coaching


Even entrepreneurs can feel like they are not the boss of their own lives. Deadlines, paper work, staffing issues. Time management? Humph! Is that a fancy label for others being more organised? Well, yes, actually, it is, but it can also be more freeing.

As well as time management there are those who think they are totally indispensable, their opinion is the only opinion and it’s their way or the highway. Ouch. Been a tyrant long? Not going to get the best out of people that way, so why not learn a new way with lower blood pressure thrown in?

Need a mentor, someone to confide in? Ask! You will be so glad you did if you pick the person with real experience in your sector. Your mentor will be chuffed to little mint balls, too.

We can all march on through the mud and snow, tirelessly trying our best, but sometimes our best is only part of our business. Can you do it without looking like an extra from a Bruce Willis movie? Allowing others to appropriately give of their best and getting expert advice before you’re in trouble is an essential part of being in business for more than a couple of years. Contact me if this is you.
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