Your Story – Living Symptomatically, or Deliberately?


The status quo. What is that for you? Is it a certainty? Are you happy with having that certainty? If not, what do you do to improve it? Do you have a real goal or mission?

Do you want a better, much happier certainty? What am I talking about? Your story.

What are things that happened because of your story and your continued ‘buy in’?

Tell me your story, I’m listening, but although I won’t give you answers like Frasier Crane, I will shift your perception, sometimes boldly, can you cope with that? You are not necessarily lying to yourself, but you may be looking at the wrong baseline to make judgements from – whatever you have done to get by so far, if it has worked so well why read this? You know the answer.

The basis of your state of mind, your inner landscape and subjective reality directs your decisions. Apart from having been fed up, or irritated which made you react sometimes unfairly with someone. We all do it! You had a blueprint from birth. Some people scrawled all over your blueprint, causing you stress and sometimes people have experienced great harm because of others. Are you going to let their harm be your story? The person you just snapped at didn’t cause it, but your state of mind dictated it. You are responsible for your state of mind. Fact.

If you want to avoid learned helplessness and misery, see things as they are, take responsibility. People who want to blot it out normally indulge in substance abuse. I’m not trained for that, seek appropriate help.

You may find this uncomfortable enough to avoid moving on to something better, many do. If you have read this far, you may be more capable of dealing with the truth and using it as the fuel to improve your life. What will it cost you if you don’t? Can you bear that reality,or has the decision to improve it already been made?

I cannot deal professionally with trauma or counselling, but for those in the position to address goals outside of these needs. I help people get to the real truth and deal with it.

You may need to retrain to get a job, the technology may have changed. Is anyone going to employ you because you refused to retrain, or learn anything new? The world still turns.

If you live deliberately you do what has to be done to make a different story based on the truth. Instead of it sitting above your head like a huge moose head on the wall, you have to deal with unfairness. Life is not easier for a rich person just because they have more than you. Stamping your foot until it goes numb won’t take you one step further. See things are they are, don’t embellish the badness of it. Practising negativity is a ritual many find hard to break, so find a new ritual.

When you have a vision you decide to attain it will give you a new story just by being on that journey. If you don’t know how to do something find a role model, or mentor. This is where some people fall down. How can I do this when I don’t know how? Successful people are too busy for me? Excuse. Story. Some will be too busy, but many have written books and done Youtube recordings. The ones who do have the time will be flattered and honoured, but they won’t do it for you.

What’s true? What are the details? What do we do about it, who can we emulate to fix this? Work hard to fix it. Look at how you succeeded or someone else did to succeed in fixing something in the past.

I like Anthony Robbins, he is awesome, and he offers questions to answer along these lines:

What’s the most truly difficult thing that you survived?

People find things to pull them through it. What was it for you?

What was your life like before it happened? Was it great?

What did you do to fix it?

What gift did coming through this crisis give you?

I only provide coaching services for people who want to live deliberately. Sometimes this translates into people who want to work for themselves. If you do, contact me.

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